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SOOOO cold!

5 reasons to enjoy christmas!

1 - the cold weather helps burn cal's

2 - We look better than everyone else in those pretty christmas outfits!

3 - It's the perfect time to get all self righteous, look at all the fat people eating loads of christmas goodies and think how much stronger you are.

4 - Christmas party's are a great time to get out and burn some cal's while toning up. hit the dance floor and show how much santa rocks!

5 - feel good factor, If you get chocies for christmas, give them to someone who needs them, your local hospital of womens refuge center are always grateful, and the feel good factor of doing a good turn for your community is great!

Christmas is coming this goose isn't about to get fat!
though we could all do with some motivation to look forward to the festivity's!
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